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Congratulations to Bankera Business Care , whose answer to supply SMEs with short-term financing to cover their liquidity wants during occasions of disaster, has been selected as winner of the Digital finance class. The problem is supposed to crowdfund to support the fight against Coronavirus corresponding to the provision of medical equipment to native hospitals. This webinar is well timed in view of the continuing public consultation launched by the European Insurance and Occupational Pension Authority on 28 January.


Investors care about economic data because they also affect the markets to a nice degree. It’s necessary for investors to keep away from “either/or” arguments concerning economics and finance; both are essential and have valid applications. Herd behavior states that folks are inclined to mimic the financial behaviors of the bulk, or herd, whether or not those actions are rational or irrational. Modern forms of social finance also embody some segments …

Money Management Techniques for Day Traders

Day traders should manage their money properly. If they can take wise steps, it would be easy for them to grab better opportunities. Sometimes, traders face hassle as they’re not properly prepared. However, if they can take the wise steps, it would be possible for them to make money. So, they must try to ply the right money management techniques which may help them to become successful. If you become ready to deal with the difficulties, you might face a winning streak.

In this post, we’ll discuss the five money management techniques for day traders. So, read the article properly to know about this.

Have set the max dollar stop-loss

Traders need to set the max dollar stop-loss. They need to use the SL and TP in the level, they might do better. Sometimes, traders do not use the stop-loss and so they face troubles. However, if the traders can …